Chiropractic Care

Developed in 1895 by D.D. Palmer, the chiropractic profession has grown to become the second largest healthcare profession in the United States. Research has shown that it is highly effective in the treatment of neck pain, headaches and low back/hip pain. Chiropractic has also been proven effective in treating injuries to the shoulder, elbow, hand as well as hip, knee, ankle and foot.

The goal of chiropractic care is to improve overall health and restore normal joint function, nervous system health and to strengthen the supporting muscles and ligaments.

We use Chiropractic care in treating the following conditions:

Back and Neck Pain • Headaches • Motor Vehicle Related Injuries
Repetitive Motion Injuries Associated with Work
Sports Injuries • Pain Management

We view Chiropractic care as the keystone for health, wellness, and preventive healthcare.