Health and Wellness Services

Wellness as a state of mind, body and spirit involves a conscious, thoughtful process with deliberate actions designed to enhance your health for a lifetime. Wellness is an evolving process with changing goals creating positive outcomes. Wellness is your ability to use your strength and flexibility to engage the world.

Health and Wellness Services offered by Dr. William MadoskyDr. Madosky offers the following wellness services:


The goal of chiropractic care is to improve overall health and restore normal joint function, nervous system health and to strengthen the supporting muscles and ligaments. More Information…


Acupuncture points located on these meridians are stimulated to remove blocked energy restoring the body’s balance and well being. More Information…

Auriculotherapy/Smoking Cessation

Auricular therapy has been used extensively for the control of addictions – especially tobacco and nicotine. More Information…

Diet and Nutrition Programs

“You are what you eat!” With obesity in epidemic proportions, nutritional counseling is an integral part of Dr. Madosky’s care. More Information…

Sports Specific Exercise Programs

A sports specific training program can help you improve performance and minimize risk for injury. More Information…

Low Level Light Laser

Low level light laser if a non-invasive/non-surgical low energy light that when applied to the body accelerates the natural healing process. More Information…

Other Wellness Services

Physical Exams

Speaker Series

In Home Visits


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