Testimonials – What People are Saying about Dr. Madosky

I saw Dr. Madosky on a regular basis during the nine months I was pregnant– which was the easiest and most beautiful pregnancy I could have asked for! I did not experience the back aches or trouble sleeping that I’d heard about from others, and I credit regular chiropractic care with this fact. I would recommend chiropractic visits to anyone during their pregnancy.
Rachel B.

“I was referred to Dr. Madosky by a dance instructor when I was experiencing consistent pain. Dr. Madosky, unlike the podiatrist I was seeing, was able to provide relief for my complications without the use of prescription drugs. I continue to see him for headaches and migraines and find that his treatments are the only ones that alleviate the pain though I’ve seen several physicians throughout my life. Dr. Madosky is very punctual. Past chiropractors I have visited have extraordinary wait times and they over schedule. I have never waited in his office longer than a few minutes. And yet, he is happy to spend time with each patient individually. He addresses every question and concern and educates you rather than just instruct a solution. I would recommend Dr. Madosky to anyone in need of Chiropractic services!”
~ Arica B.

Dr. Madosky is an amazing provider! He maintains a whole world view and incorporates gentle, effective techniques for wellness. I recommend him to everyone I know.
~ Rachel G.

I’ve seen numerous chiropractors over the years and in various cities, and Dr. Madosky is head and shoulders (and neck and knees and hips and back and…) above the rest. He’s an attentive listener, asks insightful questions, and is a patient and articulate educator whether the topic is treatment, recovery, rebuilding, maintenance, strengthening, or learning to accommodate. His gentle and compassionate chair-side/table-side manner is reassuring and confidence-inspiring and helps me to conquer my occasional fear factor when it comes to adjustments. I especially appreciate his willingness to be realistic in tailoring recommendations to individual lifestyles and abilities. Dr. Madosky has helped me through many rough physical bouts, both major and minor, for close to twenty years. (Plus he’s a great guy and a great conversationalist!)
 ~ Julie G.

I have been seeing Dr. Madosky for chiropractic/body care for over 6 years. He’s great! As a dancer, I’m always challenging myself to move in unique ways. However the repetition of such movement sometimes creates an imbalance or particular strain. Dr. Madosky is a skillful practitioner who is mindful and shows sincere concern for my condition. I trust his opinions and feel confident in the way he makes chiropractic adjustments. His treatments have helped me through a variety of injuries and I’m happy to say that, with his help, I have been able to keep on dancing! Thanks Dr. Madosky!
 ~ Dawn K.

Dr. William Madosky has fingers of gold. I would urge you to hobble (as fast as you can) to his office when in need of a spinal correction or related massage. He is great!
 ~ Anna C.

Dr. Madosky has provided excellent chiropractic care for me since 2007. As a fellow avid cyclist, he understands the cycling-specific medical needs not only from personal experience but from his years of expertise. I especially appreciate the fact that Dr. Madosky is always willing to make extra effort to make himself available to help with the unexpected more acute pains that arise, just as well as consistently helpful with ongoing maintenance.
 ~ Eva G.

Dr. Madosky was recommended to me by a friend, and I thank her for that. He has been my only chiropractor since I moved to St. Louis. He is always friendly and personal, and he has no problem adjusting my 6’3″, 255# frame.

Dr. Madosky is concerned with sharing more than chiropractic adjustments with his patience. He is a keen bicycle rider, and has begun a fitness notes email to those who are interested. And he’s always ready to continue conversations from previous appointments.
 ~ Michael B.

Dr Madosky treated me for several years. I had been to several Chiropractors before, Dr Madosky was hands down the best adjustments. Had I not moved I would still be a patient.Thanks Bill!
 ~ Kelly S.

I have been fortunate to have Dr. Madosky as my family’s chiropractor for close to ten years. He is the kind of doctor that all doctors should aspire to be—knowledgeable, caring, skilled, compassionate, and dedicated.

Dr. Madosky has treated my family not only in order to keep us healthy, but also to avoid prolonged illnesses. He has provided relief when we needed his healing skills. He has helped us through car accidents, headaches, flu, back pain, colds, and the physical stresses of daily life.

I would recommend—and have recommended—Dr. Madosky to anyone who wants to stay healthy or regain his or her health after illness or injury. His calm personality and vast medical knowledge of such things as acupuncture, chiropractic medicine, diet, vitamins, herbal remedies, and so on make him an exceptional chiropractor.
 ~ Kathy S.

Dr. Madosky is the type of care giver that every doctor should strive to emulate. He has helped me mind, body and soul. His gentle demeanor is a calming presence in an otherwise face-paced-life.

Dr. Madosky’s expertise and vast knowledge of the human body is conveyed in his confident and gentle adjustments. His ability to distract my mind so my body can accept the treatment is one of a kind.

I have proudly recommended Dr. Madosky for years and referred him many new patients. Each of them has continued on for “wellness” adjustments long after the initial injury has been healed, which is irrefutable proof of an excellent chiropractor.
 ~ Linda Marie G.

I am writing this letter of testimony on behalf of Dr. Bill Madosky. Dr. Madosky has been my chiropractor for over 10 years. I came to know of Bill’s excellent work because my wife had a minor automobile injury. Dr. Madosky very skillfully helped her to recover, and I became more interested in learning what chiropractic medicine is, and what it does to help people. I am a professional dancer and dance college dance educator. I am also very active as a rock climber, bicycler, skier, and racquetball player. And I am a certified Alexander Technique Teacher.

Dr. Madosky is a unique kind of health care practitioner. He has prior experience as a nurse, he is an avid dedicated athlete and he is a long-time student of the Alexander technique; Bill is dedicated to his own health and knowledge as a premise for his understanding of the human body, as a system of relationships, physical, mental and energetic. His work is very thorough and he carefully considers the needs of the person he is treating as a whole.

I wouldn’t trust my life-work instrument to just anyone’s hands. As a dancer, when I need help maintaining the health and movement of my body, Dr. Madosky has been consistently effective in treating me, keeping me in balance and out of pain
 ~ David M.

I experienced back pain for the first time almost 30 years ago. People tried to convince me that I needed physical therapy and tried to dissuade me from chiropractic care. I saw a physical therapist for three weeks and followed all of the advice. I still had terrible back pain. I finally turned to a chiropractor that was teaching an aerobics class I was taking. Two visits later I was pain free and sold!

Unfortunately she retired as a chiropractor a few years later. I visited many, many chiropractors through the years and could never find another that had her gentle healing touch. Dr. Madosky was highly recommended to me by various friends and acquaintances. From the minute I met him, I knew I finally found a great care giver.

Dr. Madosky has helped me tremendously through the years. He is an excellent chiropractor with a kind, gentle soul. I would recommend him highly as a caregiver to anyone seeking chiropractic care.
 ~ Debbie T.