Fitness Videos for General
Mobility Routines

This video by GMB, demonstrates Neck Exercises for Strength, Mobility, and Control

Here is a link to the GMB Website for more information about Proper Neck Function and the above video.

Habitual Strength in Motion

This video a quick and effective desk stretch to combat postural fatigue at work. It can reduce neck and upper back tension and help with headaches.

How Strong is Your Posterior Chain?

The posterior chain refers to a series of muscles of your back which help you stand erect. Aging, increased time sitting in chairs or bending forward with electronic devices gradually weaken these muscles until standing erect becomes difficult. But it is more than just posture. The posterior chain also influences balance and movement. Please contact me if you have any questions.

4 Minute Workout

The video below demonstrates a way to build a  strong center as well as resilient shoulders. This is one drill that may surprise you in its simplicity and effectiveness.

The video demonstrates a routine to alleviate shoulder pain.

Rocking Push Up Challenge

The 6 Point Thoracic Roll

Turn on Your Glutes




Full Body Warm-Up Routine Part 2

Spinal mobility is an extremely important part of balance, muscle strength and overall health. This next video by GMB provides a series of movements to help you achieve this goal. As with all of the exercise videos use good judgement, do not force any movement and stop if you have pain.

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for more information on this video and the exercises.

Spinal Mobility Routine:
Back Stretches You Can Do Everyday

Shoulder Mobility Routine – Daily Shoulder Stretches for Better Mobility

Specialty Fitness Videos for General
Mobility Routines

Office Mobility Routine

Knee Mobility Routine

Hip Mobility Routine: 8 Exercises to Do Daily for Flexibility, Less Pain, and Ease of Movement

Lack of shoulder flexibility is a common problem for most adults influenced by posture, occupation and age. This video from GMB Fitness ( demonstrates shoulder stretches to improve flexibility. Some of the stretches are done on a low bench while kneeling. If this is too difficult sit or stand and use a kitchen table or desk. As always if you have pain while doing any of theses movements – stop immediately and reevaluate your technique and abilities. If you have any question contact me at 314.645.8805

How to Fall Safely