Well, it has been three months since my office closed and life has been full. I have traveled to Indiana for two bicycle trips and spent two days riding on the KATY Trail. We have visited our daughter on San Juan Island, WA to help her celebrate her 40th birthday, traveled to Pittsfield, MA to see Sharon’s son, and last week spent time on the coast of Oregon with a long time friend from Santa Fe. Whew!!!

Now that I’m home, I am catching up with any outstanding paperwork and collections from my office. If you are still receiving bills from us, I would appreciate it if you would take care of them after you finish reading this email, and before it slips your mind. Unfortunately I can no longer offer credit card by telephone services so I am asking you to write either personal or cashier’s checks and send them to the address listed below. Please do not send mail to my old office address as I may not receive it. I will begin making reminder phone calls this week. My office phone number is still active and will be until the end of this year. Feel free to leave me a message at 314- 645-8805.

My knee replacement surgery is schedule for late November and all of my efforts until then is to prepare my body for the surgery and recovery.  It is my hope that all of my remaining paperwork and bill collection is complete by November 1.  I greatly appreciate your assistance in helping me complete this task.

Hopefully my referrals have worked well for you and that you have continued to receive chiropractic/acupuncture services on a regular basis? If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact me at my email address listed below. Stay well and continue to do the things that keep you healthy and make you smile. all is well for everyone and you continue to do the things that keep you healthy and make you smile.

Dr M.
7329 Bruno
St Louis, MO 63117

I am enclosing the names of several chiropractors in the St Louis area.  I have arranged them by area to make it easier for you to choose.  I encourage you to contact them and ask for a consultation to better understand if they will meet your needs.  All of these DC’s are self-employed, which I believe is very important.  Some of them accept insurance and some do not. I would discourage you from using franchise-based chiropractic clinics which often emphasize very short visits and a rotating chiropractic staff minimizing long term and personal relationships.  Additionally, they frequently attempt to sell long term memberships/treatment plans.

I wish all of you the best and look forward to seeing you somewhere in the St Louis region. 

Thank you.

Dr M.

St. Louis City
    1    Dr. Nancy Young 314 781.7336
    2    Dr. Gerald Wertel 314 352.7000

Maplewood/Richmond Heights/Clayton
    1    Dr. Rebecca Gould 314 781/0063
    2    Dr. Rachel Loeb 314 802.7195

Bridgeton Area
    1    Dr. Heather Gilmore 314 432.2444
    2    Dr. Tim Knuutila 314 739.7979

    1    Dr. Len Suiter 636 227.4378
    2    Dr. Mike Murphy 636 536.3622